5 Stages Of Love Relationship That Most Couples Go Through

The most typical and difficult thing to write about is-

Any guesses?


Well, it’s obviously relationship and love.

Okay yes, it’s two things but the former follows the latter. Who cares whom we fall in love with. The thing to be thought upon and cared about is if we care for and love the person we are with. Now I definitely love my partner and I hope you do too, and if not, then let’s get on the spree of finding someone until our soul stirs with their love, company, and affection.

Now let me get this one thing straight, love doesn’t necessarily mean that the person you are romantically involved with is your soulmate because they may not be.

But if your love is true and you can tolerate each others’ bullshit without being offended (much) then there is no harm in living with them and experience the late night movies, endless talks on stupid topics, countless nights of lovemaking, days filled with laziness and times filled with some fights and drama.

I have researched the most practical stages of love. Now that may sound extremely ironical because come on, let’s face it, love is never practical. Duh!

Stage 1: When seeing them ‘something-something happens’

You see her, she sees you. You talk to her, she talks to you. You get close to her, she lets you come to her (lucky AF)

And so begins the stage one of love. Such a dreamy stage!

Stage 2: When ‘Your love Is Your God’ which is way too dramatic, courtesy, our Bollywood overly romantic songs. When you are ready to fight everything and everyone in the world to be with them.

Stage 3: When You Guys ‘Have Won Over The World!’ Yay!

Your love has been accepted unless the worst case scenario where one of you has been made to marry someone else and the other one drowns oneself in work. You both are together, your stuff is together, your brushes are together and so are your undies! (maybe not)

Stage 4: When Living Together Has Its Own Demands. Apparently, the things you loved about each other becomes overly rhetoric and you start feeling suffocated because now your partner expects you to remain the same in this ever-changing world and responsibilities. The moment of horrible fights takes its place. (Depressing!)

Stage 5: Let’s be serious because that’s the most important one.

That’s the stage where you ‘need to understand your partner and listen to them and then make your point’ I hope you don’t follow this shit because that’s not how it goes.

When things go wrong, think.

Just think.

Where you were wrong, where they were right; When they loved you; when you supported them; where they showed you immense respect and gave you all of themselves, where you accepted their flaws and loved them unconditionally.

This stage makes you want to reconcile with them because the love is still there and will always remain, if and only if, you (both) keep trying.

I’m sure you could relate to this article. So, which stage of relationship are you in? Do share with us in the comments below.

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