With Valentine’s Day approaching I am sure you are planning to take out your BAE for a date. I am pretty sure by now you must have discarded the idea to take your partner to the same old restaurant you both like and are not in the mood to spend hours watching a movie. Instead of going to a FIVE-STAR restaurant and doing the same old candlelight dinner thing, why not do something different, exciting, fun, unique and cheap as well.

Here are some cheap and out-of-the-box date ideas for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Hiking

I am sure you wish to spend some quality time with your partner on Valentine’s Day what’s better than going for a hike to a nearby hill with a clear view, where there is no one to disturb both you and you will also get some private time. Once you reach the hilltop find an amazing place to sit so that both of you can relax and watch the sunset in each other’s arms, make sure to plan well carry a mat and something to eat like sandwiches from your favourite joint and something to drink too.

  1. Candlelight Dinner

wonder-struck by this idea? Don’t worry I am not suggesting you take her to a fancy restaurant for dinner. I remember we are discussing cheap date ideas for Valentine’s Day, here’s the catch invite your girl home and take the effort to cook her favourite dish it can be as simple as making 2-minute noodles or instant pasta the point is to make her feel special. And if you know how to cook then take the effort of referring to a cookbook or YouTube. Set up a cosy candlelit table decorated with red roses on the terrace with some songs you both love to dance on.

  1. Watch your favourite movie

Valentine’s Day night is the best time to get cosy with your girl on a comfy sofa or bed. Setup the couch with a warm blanket and extra soft pillows so that you both can snuggle in the cold February night. Setup a projector screen to watch your most preferred movie, I would suggest a romantic one. To add in the experience of a movie theatre order some cheese popcorn and cappuccino from her favourite coffee shop.

  1. Ice cream date

I am sure like every girl your BAE loves ice-cream too. Take her for a surprise long drive with her favourite songs playing. Stop the car randomly at a location which is beautiful and bring the AAAWWW feeling in her now surprise her with the ice-cream flavour which she loves to eat anytime, for this you will have to again do some planning of carrying the ice-cream in a cold storage bag hidden from her.

  1. Bowling night

This might sound a weird idea but trust me you both will have loads of fun, having a small bowling competition with your girl can be very interesting and that too on a Valentine’s Day evening when there are chances of the game zone being empty or with few people around. You won’t only get some private time but will also get a chance to impress her with your techniques on how to play the game and if she doesn’t know how to play you get an opportunity to get close to her by teaching her the technique.

  1. Food Truck Hopping

Abandon the idea of going to a fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day and go around the city and have food at random food trucks or roadside stalls. This way you will not only have a variety of food but will also get a chance to go on a small road trip with your girl.

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