7 Relationship Red Flags You Need to watch out Before Committing!!!

When we fall in love with someone, we often readily ignore few habits and personality traits, or behavior of our partner. But there are some characteristics which can be disastrous for the relationship. It’s necessary to recognize these red flags and discuss them with your partner before it’s too late. This discussion may help you to find a solution or settle on a compromise or accepting the fact that this relation is not right for you and the best option is to move on!

Below are 7 Warning Signs That You Should Look Out For

1. Frequent Lies

Trust is the base on which a relationship is laid on, it’s very important to trust your partner as the quality and longevity of your relationship depend’s on the trust you have for each other. If you feel that you can’t trust your partner because he/she has the habit of lying, then you need to address this issue ASAP!

2. Acts like a Dictator

If your partner tries you control you in a way by telling you what to do, whom to be friends with and not. Where to go and when to go and whom to go with. In this way, your partner tries to limit your world by only allowing what they think is right. Dominating someone is the most dangerous personality trait and believe it or not it’s very difficult to change this behavior. I am sure no one will wish to get trapped in a relationship with such a person.

3. Scared to Commit

It’s common to get cold feet when it comes to committing yourself to someone. If your partner is one such commitment-phobic then he/she will be hesitant in expresses their feelings and won’t discuss the future of your relationship. You might start feeling that you are the one who is giving a little more to this relation, if such is a case then you should think about taking this forward.

4. Disrespects

At the start of a relationship, everyone tries to maintain well. However, if they have the habit to take rudely or behave in a disrespectful manner, you will find it out eventually and trust me on this you won’t be able to tolerate this for long. The best way to notice if your BF/GF falls under this category is to notice “How he/she talks to someone from the labor class like waiters, valley parking guy or you can notice the way they talk to their parents.

5. Try to Change You

The best part of being in a relationship is that your partner helps you to grow in ways that benefit your overall personality but if you feel that your partner tries to change everything about you then it means that they don’t find anything good in you and can’t accept you the way you are. Thus, this person is not meant for you. End of Story!

6. Insecure

If your partner keeps a log of whom you called or keeps checking your social media accounts and gets insecure if you talk to someone from the opposite sex. This behavior proves that he/she is insecure and doesn’t trust you. Everyone deserves a little alone time and privacy. This behavioral trait is going to suffocate you in the long run.

7. Abusive

At last the most important red flag is any form of abuse whether it is physical, verbal or emotional, out of which physical abuse is a signal that you have to leave this person immediately. So, my friends these red flags are signs to help you figure out if you are facing any of these in any form.

If any of these warning signs made you think, then I suggest it’s better you sit down with your partner and try to solve these issues with mutual understanding. 🙂

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