A Tale and a Head

Ever wondered how many influential things always comes in a pair like life and death, happiness and sadness, Just like every coin have two sides a head and a tale, we have two ideologies on the same perspective too. We as a whole have a bunch of quirks and mannerisms that we own uniquely but sometimes too caught up in our own world that we fail to notice them.

You may even call it as a ritual or called a proceeding that we are following since long time. Our ancestors, our parents, our neighbours especially and indeed we including don’t even realise it, until and unless someone points it out, after which you have this sudden moment of realisation and relatability.

Still pondering on what I’m trying to say, well I got some situations for you…

Say a person goes to a general store and buy’s few necessary stuff and gives a note of 1000 rupee. The shopkeeper says “we don’t accept 1000rupee notes”. Then after the person gives 500 Rupee note but the shopkeeper yet says “we neither accept 500 sir”. The frustrated person takes off 100 anyhow and gives him, the shopkeeper bills the stuff what he took and in return of change he provides a few chocolates. The customer will get seriously frustrated and moves from there without uttering a single word, that’s just because it doesn’t make any sense. Done reading the 1 side of the story now let’s flip the story and read the situation in a different way.

Soon after hours the customer comes again to the store and buys something which is not worth more than the cost of those chocolates which he got from the shopkeeper. Now Instead of giving the shopkeeper money he gives his chocolates which he gave him in return of change. Will the shopkeeper accept those chocolates? 😂 the shopkeeper suddenly gives a judging personality and looks awkwardly towards that person. obviously that customer had some sense, we humans will have backup for everything anyway.

Another best illustration is here is two aged persons walking on the street and suddenly they came near a park and they saw a couple who were allegedly deep in love, kissing each other. The two persons discusses among themselves after this incident

“look at those shameless couples, doing everything in open park. What the youngsters think of it, they don’t have any sense these days”.

But now look on the another side of the coin, Now here they suddenly after moving from the park one of the person gets a nature call and he urinates on the wall near to that place, there is a playground near to the wall where children were playing, now who is being shameless?

Just like that an incident where a newly married couple drives rashly on the road, suddenly a couple who married 10 Years ago drives a scooter on the same road says“ look at those reckless couple and that maniac speeding on the highway and moreover he didn’t wear a helmet too”. But the thing is, he himself driving a scooter with two children and a small baby along with his wife on his scooter”. Now which one is reckless driving?

There are times when people discuss how others are getting into relationship and keep on gossip on that topic rather than focusing on their own relationship.

There are even times when people are so much interested in knowing other problems, their love stories and other stuff rather focusing on their own shit.

You can see so many people giving professional advices either in the field of education, relationship , business and other stuff and in reality they either gave up what they did or never been into those stuff.

There are so many incidents where people quickly judge others, before looking whether they are correct to judge others.

To all those people over there do first look into yourself before judging others thus check your tale first and then look for others heads.

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