Avenger Cruise, 220CC

 Even though it might be a bit materialistic, my greatest possession has always been my bike. It was something which we used to look upon when we could not afford it. I have made decisions, thought about my problems and also found solutions for the same, on the seat of my bike. It has always given me a sense of freedom and independence.

Avenger Cruise is a bike for a smooth ride which has a comfortable cruising position. Even though it’s considered as a poor man’s Royal Enfield, undoubtedly it has one of the best seating position which is extremely comfortable for the rider. Priced at little more than 1Lakh, it is definitely an economical cruiser(which is definitely one reason why i went for it). Another main advantage which i liked is the pillion backrest which adds more comfort. The windshield has always protected me from heavy winds when i go for long rides. The seat is at a low height and the handle bar design is also stylish. So, those who love long rides can surely go for an Avenger.

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