Choosing drugs as your pal?

Drug abuse and addiction is a social evil of our time. The tragedy is, millions of youths, the future of India, fall victims of taking drugs. Almost all age groups, from teenage to old, are found to be addicted to drug. Severe drug addiction has resulted in increased crime rates, diseases, tension and lack of peace.

There are several reasons for a person to become a drug addict. Children who are deprived of love and care often find themselves alone and they get attached to a wrong company. Children in such a state are found to be addicted to drugs. Large number of youth move to cities, leaving their natives behind, in search of employment. They live an isolated life and find drugs as their best mate. Such a person, in the beginning, sees it as an escape form his or her daily routine. But they gradually fall into the trap of the object of thrill and stimulation- Illegal Drugs.

Last year, the Society for the Promotion of Youth and Masses (SPYM) conducted a study on drug abuse among the residents of northeast Delhi’s Seelampur. The study revealed that at least 80% of the children surveyed in the slum were addicts.  Most of the residents are addicted to ganja (marijuana), smack (heroin) or tobacco, etc. The study found out some of the common factors that often led to drug addiction- family history, peer pressure, jobs like rag picking, easy accessibility, etc. Not only in Delhi, there are lakhs of drug addicts in the other big cities such as Kolkata, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Also, when school or university students are surveyed, many of them are found to be addicted to some or the other drug.

The situation has come to a critical point and any measure that can put a stop to this tragedy should not be delayed any more. An awakening is required among the government and the youth to fight off this evil.

                                     “Choose Wisely”

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