Dogs; Our Friend

A place where the two-feet dominate the four,
A disease for which there is no cure.
A gift from the creator, but we act like traitors.
We say dogs are a man’s true friend,
Then why do we act like our brains are drained.

People beating up stray dogs to death while there are human ways to deal with those dogs who create problems in any residence. Moreover people need to learn about animal rights. There are people who are using dogs to kill stray dogs and they are charging for this shameful deed. How much lower can some people sink? And also, those people who even pay for getting stray dogs killed, can they not differentiate between the right and the wrong?

We live in an urban settlement where we claim of people being intellectual, why do we still need laws by the government to protect our most faithful friends?
#AnimalRights #SaveAnimals #AnimalCruelty

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