Fříêńđśhïp & Rėļâťíöńśhįp

whether it’s friendship or relationship, all bonds are built on trust.. All small actions we do, shows our efforts to keep our relationship or friendship.. In today’s world it’s really difficult to decide whether to make friends that are close to our heart or to have a relationship or both or none.. as we all today face trust issues.. In both the cases all we need to keep it strong is trust, loyalty, honesty and respect.. and just keep everything simple.. Both hold their importance in our life, infact we can’t ignore either, while giving more importance to the other.. The bond we share with our friends is most special feeling that one can have.. We always love to have friends who enjoys our madness, loves to spend time with them, making fun of each other and lot, which even I can’t describe in words those are the special moments and the best part of life that one can have.. On the other hand, if I talk about relationship, it’s a pure feeling which one can have for the other person whom we loves the most.. its a strong bond between two person which allows them to share everything between them. However if we actually see today, true love and friendship both are fading away.. love, love, love.. love is in the air but I think now the air is getting polluted with fake love, fake friendship and fake feelings.. today’s generation have actually forgotten the true meaning.. though earlier also it was not perfect but still it was better than the present situation. I won’t say which one is better but both hold their own importance which cannot be ignored, and should be given equal importance..

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