How Can Sports Help In Overall Growth Of Children?

We are aware of the fact that practicing any kind of physical activity impacts the physical health of adults and children in the same manner. When we talk about the overall growth, it would involve development of the child physically, mentally and socially.

Every sport has obstacles and goals to fulfill, when a team wins, the other has to lose. It forces children to be challenging towards these obstacles and not to give up in case they lose in the game. These are a few basic benefits of sports;

  • Sports strengthens the body and improves the psychological health, as well as social skills of a child, in a fun learning way.

  • Playing sports helps build friendship, moral character and principles of fair play.

  • It discourages discrimination of nationality, gender, race or religion.

  • It improves physical immunity and protects a child from falling prey to easily spreading diseases.

  • Participating in sports helps a child understand to be positive and accepting even towards opponents.

Now to elaborate on the question, ‘how can sports help in overall growth of children?’ It helps;


Children are full of energy. They love playing, running, cycling and enjoying themselves with their friends. They should be taught to use this energy in practicing sports like football, basketball, swimming, etc. as this category of sports builds their bones, and strengthens their heart, joints and muscles. Physical exercises also prevent increase in excessive body fat, and diseases. With the rise in air pollution and infections like measles, chickenpox, smallpox, etc. that kids fall prey to easily, having a fit body is crucial for a child’s uninterrupted physical growth.


Most of us might not know the fact that sports immensely boosts the mental health of children. Whether in children or adults, when the body is exercised in sports, it releases serotonin (a compound in the blood that acts as a neurotransmitter), giving the mind a feeling of well-being. The feelings of stress, depression and anxiety are experienced by children just as by adults, and sports works as a key to eliminating the influence of these feelings. Children who are active in sports have a psychological understanding that they need to consistently be involved in physical activity to stay active, and get better sleep. The better they sleep the sharper their minds become. Hence, they do well in school, especially in subjects like mathematics and science that require mental exercise and reasoning.


Sports help children socially as much as physically and mentally. It teaches them how to differ in appropriately displaying emotions in public, among friends and their guardians, by training the mind to follow valuable social skills. These are a few qualities sports builds in children, that helps them throughout their lives;

  • Teamwork

  • Respect

  • Leadership

  • Independence

  • Fair play

  • Active listening and,

  • Capability of following instructions

Sport develops and enhances self-esteem in children at an early age, so that they grow up to be optimistic, innovative, and self-confident during job interviews. These attributes majorly control the decisions they make during adulthood.


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