I Am Different

Am I? Not sure. Some famous person said, “The life is like a roller coaster. Even a straight line on an ECG machine means there is no life” what if the line has minor ups and downs yet is moving towards the down? Wouldn’t we call it a straight line? Wouldn’t we say that it’s directly going down? Not making much of a sense..am I? I know, but what to do when you deal with such nonsense every fucking day? What if there is a confusion always in whatever you do? What if inner peace becomes almost impossible to attain? What if?

What happens when every day you get up to find yourself surrounded by endless questions on your existence? What happens when you don’t know what to do? What happens when you are lost? No, I am not lost in love. No I am not insane. No I am not the same. I am an introvert. I am on optimistic. I am a sadist. I am, sometimes, not me!

Can I call myself different if I get upset soon? Or if I remain upset till eternity on stupid things in life? Maybe. With tonnes of positivism in myself, I open my eyes and take every second of life with utmost challenge. When life gives me lemons, I tend to take a tequila shot with it. With an ear to ear grin, I take on the problems and find their solutions. I help myself, help others! Am I different?

Yet, post all these, I stay frustrated! I stay silent! I crave to be in my own cocoon! Being a social figure, I live in my own bubble! Am I different? When a day of extra traffic and some more time on road makes me vex? When, despite being on a quest for happiness for others mainly, I end up making myself feel sad? When, just to see my loved ones smiling, I end up giving up mine? When I am hapy for someone yet sad for the very same reason? When I know none of the above makes any sense, yet some of you are able to relate? Am I Different?

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