Is Love Depends on your Position?

So this was really interesting guys people says great responsibilities comes with great power and in between this believe me lot more things come this is also a story of that instance I am RV that I was on my training for Indian Navy and she is the one who makes me to write this – R

We both are in a very happy relationship and at that time that was the best moment of life but people says na time doesn’t wait for anyone same with me Due to some problems I have to leave Navy and don’t know after that her behavior toward me also changes I know her from last 5 years but this behavior is new for me I was in a bad phase and she is not with me….after that a instance happened and life changes…

To know more about this story how we meet again how we just live for 3 months together in 5 year relationship like it and let me know you want to know more. Thanks

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