• Really? All that matters today is your looks? yes, it is true, whomsoever we met, they start to judge us by our looks. But did your parents love you today just because of your looks? and the answer is a big NO . my mother fall In love with me even before she saw me.. those nine months I was only closely attached with her and she use to protect me with all her efforts..
    But if we actually see today, it’s a sad truth, but yes, everyone now looks for a pretty and beautiful face rather than a beautiful and caring heart..
    But if you are in a relationship, where actually someone loves you just because of your looks then be careful! and be prepared for your breakup because the other person will surely going to leave you, if in the future they will find someone, whose looks are more better than yours..
    One day we all have to turn old and at that time all the beautiful looks and faces will fade away and the one with the beautiful heart will going to shine bright..
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