Me and my unanswered questions..??

I believe that the person today is what he needs to be…
What he has, is what he get and what he get, is what he deserves.
But sometimes, I feel.. why all are unsatisfied?
Why they are not happy with the life they got?
Why they keep on comparing?
Is there anything they missed??

Healthy life is a happy life.
When they are healthy they are happy
When they are wealthy they are happy
But what about the poor, orphan??
Are they healthy?? Are they wealthy?? Or are they happy??

Who knows?? But even they live… we live.. all live…
With the ray of hope, with the dream to be fulfilled,
A goal to reach, and to win the race of life.

—By your friend (Anita Kadam) 

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    • September 4, 2017 at 6:53 am

      Thankuu so much Rishabh Goel…. 🙂 I would want to thank the admin of this site… who allowed me to contribute and share my thoughts… thankuu so much admin… I would want to contribute more and more in other categories too 🙂

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