I know it’s too late to say,

That by seeing your face I used to start my day.

I know it’s too late to say,

That smile of yours makes me gay,

The way we used to start our day by talking to each other,

It feels like we are ready to get together,

To get together not for sometime but to get together forever.

Each of the line above is true,

But I don’t know how should I describe that how much I love u,

I know I hide it from you,

But what could I have done when I knew that this distance between us won’t let us to be together.

It was our story but I don’t know how destiny came in between.

We loved each other in our different ways;

And I know that not everybody is going to be with us always.

I know its too late to say,

But I know that somewhere in your heart I will always stay.

Hope you will find the share of your love soon;

And we will meet somewhere there on the moon.

I won’t stop loving you because I know that the way I love u nobody will ever do so.

You will always hold a special place in my heart;

And I know that I will soon be replaced from your heart.

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