Pistachios are the new ‘SUPERFOOD’

Recent studies are giving nut lovers new reasons to reach out for a handful of nuts while at work or when they feel hungry and in particular, PISTACHIOS. Adding to an increasing volume of research around the health benefits of pistachios, suggest that snacking on pistachios can boost brain power and concentration while working or studying. And for anyone who is reluctant to add nut calories to their daily routine. Then let me tell you that according to a French study, adding a handful of pistachios to your daily diet will not increase your weight, although it will add important nutrients to your body. Apart from their earthy flavour and crunchy texture, pistachios are a naturally cholesterol-free and high in fibre and protein.

Thus, when eaten in moderation Pistachios are very effective in weight management as compared to the carb-heavy snacks.

Pistachios help in staying focused until lunchtime

According to a survey conducted on office workers who skipped breakfast and instead consumed around 42 grams (1 1/2 serving) of pistachio between 9 am and 11 am experienced less distraction due to hunger pangs. They could concentrate more on their work and completed their task without thinking about food before lunchtime. It’s not good to skip breakfast, but at times even after having a good breakfast, you feel hungry and these hunger pangs are distracting and lead to unhealthy snacking. Studies suggest that Pistachios are perfect for midmorning or midafternoon snacking because of the nutrients present in it that give the feeling of fullness when eaten. Pistachios also promote concentration and help in staying focused.

Pistachios may have a role in improved brain function

Having a good night sleep is very important to start your day with full zeal. Researchers have found out that consuming nuts on a regular basis enhances brain function, by improving the cognitive process, learning ability, memory power and other key brain functions. Out of all the nuts Pistachios have greatest gamma response, which increases cognitive processing, information processing and learning ability.

A daily snack for a trim waist & added nutrient

If you are looking for a healthy snack which is power packed with nutrients as well as which keeps you feeling satiated, the answer is a handful of Pistachios. Researchers have found out that eating Pistachios when you feel doesn’t increase your body fat but helps in reducing your waistline. Individuals who eat Pistachios regularly provides your body with the important vitamins and minerals like thiamin, vitamin B6, copper and potassium.

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