Tea break

Switch to first person mode for a better experience. Not everyday do you get to finish your tea peacefully. Not everyday do you get to see unusual things. May be those things aren’t unusual. But not everyday do you get to finish your tea peacefully in a tea shop, watching unusual things that are actually something usual, but unusually beautiful and meaningful, like today. Sun glaring at its best as it is a few hours away from calling it a day and the never reducing traffic and people of every age scrambled everywhere like bread crumbs. A lane of vehicles to the left and a lane of immovable plants that provide shade to the tiny grasses underneath and a lane of vehicles moving to the right and a few meters of mud constantly elevating and forming a plateau over which goes the train, partly hidden behind the trees. What do I see beneath, once it’s gone? I don’t know, it’s like there’s nothing more than just trees and greenery past that. Mere human sight after all. Fortunate that my eyes aren’t defective for I wouldn’t have been able to cherish this today. Would I experience this ever again? I don’t know. May be I’ll save it in text to replenish the memories later.

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