The girl who made me a Naval officer

The girl who made me a Naval Officer

It’s all started in my high school that time I finished my boards and have my holidays at that time still I remember the date 20 March 2015 I just randomly send request to a Girl on facebook I was used to be a stud at that time so just for time pass I send her request she accept it and we start taking and I am only talking in the same manner as I do with other girls but slowly I got to know that We both even have some family relation then I get to know about her she is that type of girl who never talks to someone and she told me she don’t like boys because they all lie to them… At that time I was thinking I am also the same na but at that time it doesn’t affect me that much then I proposed her on 24 March she did the same thing which mostly girls do didnt give any answer but after some days she said that you are the first and last one with whom I really want to live believe me till I that moment it’s all is fun for me we both talk I want to meet but she always says after my highschool she was in 11th at that time and I am also not that serious so I nerve forced after that my 12 result comes I selected for my Navy training and really I don’t give importance to talk to her last time and I gone for my training in between my training in Delhi a lot of things happen and I got to know what are true feelings…. 
I also want to write the things happened in my training and what happens in last three years and where we both are now…. I will write If people love this one. Thanks

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