The Last Step


LET ME SLEEP, it was his last word. A 22-year-old engineering student of 4th year IIT Kharagpur hanged himself to get rid of his life. In last 3 month its 3rd from the IIT Kharagpur only and much more from other places.Last year a girl studying in Kota, who was preparing for IIT,in spite of being selected in JEE-MAINS  jumped from her hostel building. She urged HRD ministry to shut all coaching institutes in her last note. What is going wrong,pressure from parents,pressure from college or self-pressure.Which thing is such unbearable that young mind is taking such a huge step of ending their life.

The problem is with the education system, without teaching they just want the student to grab everything.Most of the teachers are not that much friendly and qualified to teach in college.The problem is with parents mentality also,they don’t understand that asking again and again about test ,marks and studies frustrate the child.There is one more problem,the love life,how can a girl or a boy become more important than your life.Now it’s the time to think about it.We can’t lose young minds like this.

Parents must sit and have a chat with their child.Just assure that you are always there with your child.Teachers must counsel the students and try to be friendly and polite with students.Parents and teachers both must understand that not all boy/girl are same.It is not necessary that everyone is genius, some may be expert in some other field but are compelled to do something else.Let him/her grow in their field of interest.Don’t just cut their wings and make them do what others are doing. This makes the person really disturb when he/she find it difficult to do.

But in spite of all the problems ,the suicide must not be the final decision,its wrong,its totally wrong to suicide.In our country its illegal also.Its just a task of cowardliness.At last I will just say that ending the life must not be the last step,think wisely and consult your loved ones about your problem,surely you will get some other door that will be open for you to step in.


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