Those “60” sturdy days!

All means the same thing yet are can be used in different context. some may relate it to strength..some may relate it to composition of their drink..I am referring this to inner strength! Right 60 days from today, I have to face something very important in my life..you may call it an exam but this time it’s an exam of life..Many crucial things are at stake!

I am sure you all must have faced some sort of situation like this and whenever such happens, multiple thoughts cross your mind, some positive, some negative, mostly negative! One is not able to share it with anyone but one should! You never know, what if someone else is also feeling the same and together you all can be together and feel better.

With this thought in mind, starting tomorrow i.e. 05/09/2017 till 04/11/2017, I will be posting my thought process (both good and bad) here..maybe no one is interested..but I still have a hope, that someone might be! On a quest to stay happy and smiling and face every situation fearlessly, a series of write-ups will be published every day!

Just a request, if you second me on any thought do let me know!

Cheers 😉

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