To the most special person in my life!

And the time came.

The most dreaded moment appeared in front of my eyes and I couldn’t help it.

I wished I could hold on to it .

I wished I could never let it go off my hand.

Some wishes remain wishes forever.

She came to drop me at the gate.

With heavy legs and a heavier heart,  I stepped down from the mini auto and gave a last stare at those innocent,  deepest eyes I had ever come across.

I felt like getting drowned in them.

I could see nothing but myself in those; shimmering,  glittering ;making the eyes twinkle.

And instantly,  it lost its twinkle as the glistening lucid tear drop fell across her cheek as she waved a happy hand to me.

I ran because I did not want to get scolded.

My heart was chained.

Each step that I took away pulled me closer to her.

As I ran down the slope,  my heart started getting drenched in teary blood.

I didn’t turn back since I didn’t have the power to combat that strongest force that was pulling me towards her.

I wanted to go back and wrap myself in her warm arms,  the warmest place I had seen in 20 years.

All the forces of the universe united to make that happen.

Still,  I didn’t turn back.

Still,  she didn’t come behind.

I broke the chains.

The chain connecting our hearts were too strong to get shaken though.

They were invulnerable.

They will always be.

She kept looking at the running ,  never returning me.

What if I had turned back?

What if I could wrap and forever stay in that warmest nest ?

What if I could just let myself get sucked in the force that was taking me to her?

What if I never had to part with her?

What if my umbilical cord was never cut ?

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